SXSWi 2011

March 10, 2011

Tomorrow I will be heading to Austin, Texas for my first SXSW interactive.  I’m not sure what to expect – will it be the time of my life, or a total mess with 15,000+ attendees all trying to go to the same keynote? Whatever happens, I’m focused on accomplishing my modest goals: meeting cool people, attending thought-provoking and enlightening panel discussions, and digging into some Texas-style BBQ.

After looking over the latest schedule, here are a few of the sessions I’m hoping to attend:

Fireside Chat: Tim O’Reilly Interviewed by Jason Calacanis: I’m not the biggest fan of Calacanis, but my friend Hitesh (@htsh) gave a me a few O’Reilly books and they’re really some of the best technology books you can buy.

The Singularity is HERE: The premise of the discussion is that the time when computers exceed human intelligence is not a ways off, but will be here very soon. My interpretation: Watson is just the beginning, the revolution begins now and soon we’ll have our own version of the Cylons chasing us across the galaxy. I’m sold.

One Story, Many Angles The Multi-Platform Pitch: There’s going to be a bunch of transmedia and multi-platform panels covering how to get your project off the ground, or take a story and make it sing across different channels. I’m looking forward to hitting a few of these panels over the next 5 days.

15 Slides, Three Writers, Three Ways — One Hour: This sounds like a pretty cool session on the art of writing and audience interpretation. Plus I’m a big fan of John Gruber, and his blog Daring Fireball.

Clients Are Not the Target Audience. Users Are: Panel name says it all here. How often are we working on projects where we feel we need to manage a client’s (or boss’s) desires, without thinking of the user?

I’m So Productive, I Never Get Anything Done: I laughed when read the title, but only because it hits close to home. From the description:

Make the coffee, check the RSS, groom the avatar, freshen the blog, make nice with the Twitter, now it’s time to … do the same thing again.

How do we get anything done? Story of my life…

I know I’m missing a bunch of killer panels, so please let me know if there’s one or two I simply must attend. My schedule is jam-packed with so many enticing options, but I know it’s all about being flexible.  If you’re going, shoot me a note at or hit me up on twitter and we’ll grab a drink.

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