Consensus mixed on Samsung iPad Challenger

November 11, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab

After considerable buzz, Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab is out and reviews for the device are pouring in.  From what I can gather, the reviews are a mixed bag, with some saying its useless to others praising it as a nice option. Here’s a quick overview of some of the notable reviews:

NYT‘s David Pogue:

…the Galaxy doesn’t feel like a cramped iPad. It feels like an extra-spacious Android phone. And the payoff is huge.


A minitablet that is designed to go everywhere you do.


[i]n use, the Galaxy Tab performs well, but is not exemplary. It feels snappy enough, but longish load times can sometimes be tiresome, and webpages invariably loaded more slowly than the iPad…

WSJ‘s Walt Mossberg:

It’s different enough from the iPad, yet good enough, to give consumers a real choice.

Mossberg notes, however, that sluggish performance with web browsing and flash sites caused some hiccups.


A pocketable train wreck. […]
The Tab feels like a grab bag of neglect, good intentions and poor execution.

I don’t believe the iPad’s reviews were this mixed, but I do remember there were a few critics.  In the end, it really didn’t matter what reviewers thought because consumers took to the iPad instantly.  Likewise, it remains to be seen how consumers will react to the Galaxy Tab’s mix of compact size and oversize Android experience.  I’m intrigued to see how a 7-inch tablet feels in the hand, and whether it’s a cramped user experience, or just the right size.

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